Materni’s ready to use ETO free range of teats for neonatology, maternity and pediatrics
Designed fit for function

Materni’s teats are produced and packed in ISO Class 5 cleanroom sterile production conditions, referred to as CBM (Clean By Manufacturing).

Materni’s teats grow with your baby. There is a suitable size for every baby, for both standard and thicker milk so that your baby can drink easily at all times. The Materni single use teats are a suitable medical device for Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT).

Finding the perfect teat for each baby is depending on the baby’s age, latching skills and the consistency of the preferred milk. Materni offers a broad range of affordable teats with different sizes and speeds, suitable for each situation.

A total and versatile range of teats for the hospital environment

  • CE Class I - Medical device, single use
  • European Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745
  • Safe and hygienic, individually packed and ready to use
  • Zero chemicals philosophy: ETO, BPA, phthalate and latex free.
  • Food and medical approved polymers - compliant with regulation (EU) No 10/2011
  • Bite resistant compliant according EN 14350 (except small teat)
  • No teat collapse possible during feeding because of reinforced design (except small teat)
  • Ergonomic: wide teat base
  • Fit for different ages: small (premature), medium (< 2.75 kg) large (> 2.75 kg)
  • Choose a desired flow function:
    • Slow Flow (SF) – hard working – breast feed supportive – thin milk – ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)
    • Fast Flow (FF) – for thicker milk – ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)
    • Extra Fast Flow (XFF) for high viscous formula milk – ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution)
  • Fit on bottles with EU DIN screw thread
  • Unique one-piece ring & teat design = no leak

Materni teats have unique advantages



Small teat

Neonatology (premature)
Slow Flow
MEPA 0105

Medium teats

Maternity and pediatrics (< 2.75 kg)
Slow Flow
MEPA 0103
Fast Flow
MEPA 0104
Extra Fast Flow
MEPA 0118

Large teats

Maternity and pediatrics (> 2.75 kg)
Slow Flow
MEPA 0101
Fast Flow
MEPA 0102
Extra Fast Flow
MEPA 0115

Materni safe & easy teat standard product range

ArticleArticle codeScrew threadMicrobiologyPackagingItems/Box
Materni teat - Neonatology / Small - Slow FlowMEPA0105EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Medium - Slow FlowMEPA0103EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Medium - Fast FlowMEPA0104EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Medium - Extra Fast FlowMEPA0106EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Large - Slow FlowMEPA0101EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Large - Fast FlowMEPA0102EUCBMIndividually packed140
Materni teat - Neonatology / Large - Extra Fast FlowMEPA0107EUCBMIndividually packed140
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