FlowSpoon® & FlowCup®

Materni’s ready to use ETO free breastfeeding aids
Cupping convience

Innovation in breastfeeding support

Materni’s teats are produced and packed in ISO Class 5 cleanroom sterile production conditions, referred to as CBM (Clean By Manufacturing).

Materni’s proprietary simple but efficient feeding aids support breastfeeding from the very first moment.

The Materni single use FlowSpoon® & FlowCup® are suitable medical devices for Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT).

FlowSpoon® & FlowCup®

Soft, flexible and smooth edges
FlowCup® M1
2 compartments
FlowCup® M2
1 compartment

Colostrum administration first

The soft and flexible FlowSpoon® allows safe collection and efficient administration of colostrum milk and Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). The spoon is individually packed and protected until point of use.

Safe and controlled cupping

Materni’s FlowCup® is a unique, simple and affordable cupping device for the administration of expressed breast milk and ORS. FlowCup® helps to avoid nipple-teat confusion and allows feeding at the natural pace of the baby, on top of being cheiloschisis friendly. No leakage or spillage. No milk-saliva mixing. Its simple design and intuitive use offer feeding flexibility to both professionals and parents. FlowCup® is individually packed & ready to use.

We offer 2 designs:
The FlowCup® M1 was originally designed with a bridge to help control the milk flow in order to follow the baby’s pace.
The FlowCup® M2 was developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals. Its design permits administration till the last drop while still offering a slow and controlled release.

FlowCup® and FlowSpoon® are registered trademarks. FlowCup® is a Materni patent.

Materni safe & easy FlowSpoon® and Materni FlowCup® standard product range

ArticleArticle codeScrew threadMicrobiologyItems/Box
Materni single use FlowCup® M1 (bridge) *MEPE0111EUCBM140
Materni single use FlowCup® M2 (no bridge) *MEPE0113EUCBM140
Materni single use FlowSpoon®MEPA0012n/aCBM300
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