Materni’s ready to use ETO free bottles for, neonatalogy, maternity and pediatrics
Ready to use

Collection, preparation, storage and feeding bottles for the hospital environment

Materni’s teats are produced and packed in ISO Class 5 cleanroom sterile production conditions, referred to as CBM (Clean By Manufacturing).

Materni’s bottles are medical devices for the preparation, storage and administration of ORS to infants with mild or moderate dehydration.

The bottles are also suitable for the collection of expressed milk, the preparation and storage of formula milk and for feeding.

  • CE Class Im-Medical device, single use
  • Zero-chemicals: ETO, BPA, phthalate and latex free
  • Ready To Use (RTU)
  • Hygienic: hermetically closed till point of use
  • Wide volume range: 50, 90, 130 and 250 ml
  • Accurate scaling
  • Universal bottle
  • Hospital pump compatible
  • With closure
  • Freezer safe
  • Food and medical approved polymers
  • EU screw thread


MEPA 0106
MEPA 0106
MEPA 0107
MEPA 0108

Materni safe & easy bottle standard product range

ArticleVolume reachArticle codeMicrobiologyBundles x items/BoxItems/Box
Materni RTU* bottle - 50 ml Bulk50 mlMEPA0106CBM3 x 70210
Materni RTU* bottle - 80 ml Bulk90 mlMEPA0107CBM6 x 35210
Materni RTU* bottle - 120 ml Bulk130 mlMEPA0108CBM6 x 35210
Materni RTU* bottle - 240 ml Bulk250 mlMEPA0109CBM4 x 35140
Materni RTU* bottle - 50 ml Single packed**50 mlMEPB0106CBM1 x 130130
Materni RTU* bottle - 80 ml Single packed**90 mlMEPB0107CBM1 x 140140
Materni RTU* bottle - 120 ml Single packed**130 mlMEPB0108CBM1 x 140140
Materni RTU* bottle - 240 ml Single packed**250 mlMEPB0109CBM1 x 9090
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