Safe & Easy Nursing


Materni teats grow with your baby. That is important, because if the teat is too small your baby will not be satisfied, but if it is too large this can cause choking. So there is a suitable size for every baby, for both standard and thicker feeds, so that your baby can drink easily at all times.

Materni teats have unique advantages:


> Superior hygiene
Individually packed Materni teats offer optimum protection. Since the teat is attached to the ring, you can screw it onto the bottle without touching the teat with your hands.

> Comfortable
The wide, flat base simulates the mother’s breast and makes sucking easier.
The teat is manufactured in a single piece, so leaks are impossible.

> Safer
The teat contains anti-biting reinforcements, to prevent it being bitten off by your baby. This is unique for single-use teats in the Benelux region.

> Three-position teat with clear flow rate indicator
Each teat has a 3-position opening, allowing you to regulate the flow of milk. The flow rate is clearly indicated on the ring (not on the teat) in two different ways:
– using embossed dots on the ring
– using numbers (1,2, 3) on the ring


Technical features – Guarantees
Individually packed in an easy-open flow pack.
Both French and European screw threads available.
Can be used with Materni baby bottles or others with a suitable thread.
Teat made from an elastomer which is safe for feeding and latex-free.
Fully automated production in an ISO Class 6 clean room.
Ring made from polypropylene which is safe for feeding.
No phthalates or bisphenol A.
Ready to use, Clean By Manufacturing (CBM).
Complies with EN 14350:2004 (1 and 2) standard (bite resistance).
Complies with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011.

The opinion of nurse Marie-Christine:
“Finally, a teat for thicker feeds!”


What does mother Karen think of Materni teats?
“When the baby and I arrived home, the proud dad had already spent 60 euros on luxury branded teats and bottles, but we couldn’t stop the dripping. Fortunately, after just a quick look on Google, we found Materni hospital teats.”