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Breastfeeding accessories

What does new mother Sofie think of the Materni Flowcup?
“After 5 hours of crying this was our salvation. Now our little princess won’t take anything else. Thank you, Flowcup, for a good night’s sleep at last!”

The opinion of Marie, a nurse in the Neonatology department:
“The Flowcup is really great: as soon as that soft mouthpiece is positioned on the infants’ lower lip, they can lick up the breast milk at their own pace, without spilling any. The new mums can manage it with no help from me and they can easily see how much milk the baby is getting.”

Breastfeeding continues to be the most natural way to feed a baby. Sometimes, however, a mother is unable or it is not possible for her to breastfeed immediately. Some babies also have difficulty sucking. Materni has therefore developed two spoons so that the baby can still be given breast milk.


The Materni Flowspoon is a flexible little spoon with soft edges. The Flowspoon is useful for collecting the first breast milk (colostrum). The milk that has been collected can then be safely given to the newborn in the correct amount.


You can use the soft Materni Flowcup to give a larger quantity of expressed milk to a baby safely and in the correct amount. There is no danger of choking and almost none of the precious breast milk is lost. The Flowcup fits all Materni bottles.


Technical features – Guarantees
Clean By Manufacturing – CBM
Made of a material which is safe for feeding – TPE and Polypropylene
Dishwasher safe
Free of bisphenol A, phthalates and latexBreast pump
Materni is now developing a breast shield with soft edges to make expressing milk more comfortable. The breast shield should be universal