Safe & Easy Nursing

Materni breastfeeding accessories, teats and bottles have been specially developed for single use in hospitals and are suitable for Neonatology, Maternity and Paediatrics.

All Materni products are individually packaged, and ready for use. Thanks to our production and packaging methods, there’s no use of ethylene oxide gas, as recommended by the Belgian Superior Health Council.

Our teats and rings are made as a single unit. The teat is firmly attached and cannot be pulled out of the ring. This offers major advantages when feeding an infant in hospital. We have also improved the teat, ring and bottle to improve comfort for both mother and baby.

Unique benefits:

> Safer and more time-saving for you
Each teat is individually and hygienically packed (clean by manufacturing – CBM)
– ready for immediate use by screwing the ring onto the bottle
– hygienic use without touching the teat

> More convenient for mothers
– No leaks between teat and ring
– Easy to regulate milk flow (three flow rates)

> More comfortable for your baby
– the wider, flatter base of the teat simulates the shape of the mother’s breast
– there is a teat specifically for thicker feeds

Breastfeeding accessories


To support breastfeeding mothers and babies we have created the unique ‘Flowspoon’ and ‘Flowcup’ spoons.

A breast schield that fits many breast pumps is also being developed.

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